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Although our specialty is the unique relationship dynamics between adult mama’s boys and adult daddy’s girls in terms of romance (as well as other types of relationships where these two often find each other), relationships are more complex than any one system can address. Joseph and I have predominantly addressed the issues of mama’s boys and daddy’s girls at Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC for a decade now. We wanted to share the work that had been meaningful and healing in our lives, work that is still pertinent. However, as we’ve continued to grow, other kinds of relationship help have supported us on our journey as individuals and as a couple. We now find ourselves wanting to bring attention to other kinds of relationship help that heals.

Here at IdealRelationships.com, in the blog section, you will find essays on the mama’s boy/daddy’s girl dynamics as well as essays covering other types of personality issues that affect relationships and other kinds of relationship help that we have either personally found illuminating or know of others who have benefitted from the use of those modalities and therapeutic approaches to relationships.

When Joseph and I realized we’d fallen in love with each other, on February 13, 1998, we already knew that one of the compatible things we shared was a deep love of spirituality and the sacred. As we have aged, that theme has grown. We are creating space here for how relationships support spiritual growth and how spiritual growth supports relationships.

If you have visited IdealRelationships.com in the past, you may recall that Joseph and I were once Relationship Coaches. Joseph and I have both retired from relationship coaching. He spends his days tending the land we live on and the forest in which we live. He is so happy out there!  My attention has turned to writing, much of which occurs here and at my personal blog, Grace in Light and Shadow (aka sarahelizabethmalinak.com). At Grace in Light and Shadow the writing is about my own personal and spiritual growth.

Another new dimension here will be inviting relationship expert guests to share their advice and resources.

We hope you’ll enjoy your time here and that it will be rich and meaningful with advice that can help make a difference in your life and the lives of those you love.

The advice you find here is meant for educational purposes only. It is not meant to take the place of doctors, psychotherapists, or other health professionals.

We believe that everyone deserves to have the best relationships possible! Relationships matter because the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. With the self, another, or the Holy; relationships ground us, define us, challenge us, and free us. At Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC we are committed to providing information that allows people to develop and nurture as many quality relationships in their lives as they desire. ~ Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC Mission Statement

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Getting Back to Love is now available on Kindle!

Getting Back to Love is about the unique relationship challenges facing adult mama’s boys and adult daddy’s girls! And now, if you’d like to read about how the mama’s boy / daddy’s girl dance impacts your marriage or romantic relationship on the privacy of your Kindle, it is yours!

Here’s the link: Getting Back to Love on Kindle

Wives: Have you ever caught yourself referring to your husband as your third child when you only have two children? Does the conversation between you too often become competitive, disintegrating into arguments that are not on topic?

Husbands: Do you too often feel like you cannot make her happy no matter how hard you try? Do you wonder what happened to the loving, sexy woman you fell in love with?

Getting Back to Love: When the Pushing and Pulling Threaten to Tear You Apart is about the romantic challenges facing mama’s boys and daddy’s girls!

Enjoy it! May it bless your life and the lives of those you love! And if it does so bless your life, please share the word about it.


Our podcasts are now organized by topic and are something we are so proud to be able to share! Go here to find shows suited to your needs. Each show features interviews with notable guests as well as conversations between Joseph and Sarah Elizabeth for the tips and advice you’re looking for to create your ideal relationship.


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