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Joseph & Sarah Elizabeth Malinak, M.Div.

Authors of Getting Back to Love

and Create the Love You Want!

Joseph & Sarah Elizabeth MalinakJoseph and Sarah Elizabeth Malinak live in Asheville, NC. They are life coaches who specialize in helping folks improve the quality of their relationships because, as they say in their mission statement, “whether with the self, another, or the Holy; relationships ground us, define us, challenge us, and free us.”

Joseph and Sarah specialize in helping couples improve the quality of their relationships and learn to love each other for a lifetime. As co-founders of Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC, the Malinaks combine their backgrounds in psychology and pastoral care and counseling to bring a wealth of talent and compassion to their relationship coaching, workshops and seminars.

Their love story began while attending a self-development school. “We were in a unique situation when we first started dating,” says Sarah, who holds a Master of Divinity in pastoral care and counseling from Gardner-Webb University. “In the self-development school, Joseph and I were learning how to build healthy, lasting relationships at the same time we were entering into our own relationship. It helped us be honest with ourselves and each other about the dynamics we came to call The Mama’s Boy – Daddy’s Girl Dance!”

Joseph & Sarah Elizabeth MalinakSarah and Joseph quickly learned that the very same personality traits that brought them together could just as easily tear them apart. Driven to understand the feminine and masculine dynamics in their relationship, the Malinaks spent six years researching the works of renowned European therapist Bert Hellinger, who developed a therapeutic tool called Systemic Family Constellations in the 1980s. Through Systemic Family Constellations, Sarah and Joseph discovered how to keep the romance alive and maintain a healthy balance in spite of the mama’s boy – daddy’s girl dynamics.

To help other mama’s boys and daddy’s girls find happiness and restore balance in their own relationships, the Malinaks coauthored, Getting Back to Love: When the Pushing and Pulling Threaten to Tear You Apart (Bridgeway Books, February 2008.) Written from the male and female perspective, the book explores the unique dynamics between these two personalities that threaten to sabotage relationships, and offers ways to overcome the challenges.

Joseph & Sarah Elizabeth MalinakJoseph has a degree in psychology and over 35 years experience as a self-growth facilitator, leading counseling and self-help workshops for men and couples. Sarah has a Master of Divinity degree and over 15 years experience as a writer and self-growth facilitator. Married since 1998, they have co-led workshops, written and published two books together (Getting Back to Love: When the Pushing and Pulling Threaten to Tear You Apart and Create the Love You Want: 5 Unique Steps to Improve Your Marriage or Any Relationship In Your Life), have been podcast hosts, and each are available for private sessions.

Joseph and Sarah are deeply grateful to have found each other and to have trusted the love that blossomed between them so many years ago. Their relationship is an intimate part of their spiritual lives, a fact that makes their life and love together even sweeter.

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