"In our first meeting Joseph helped me to see the true causes of my problems, the causes that dwelled within me - my relationship to myself. He soon initiated me into the path of self-love, which has drastically altered all the important relationships of my life in such a positive way that I could have never imagined."

- Robert Lee Camp

Taking Responsibility

When a Daddy's Girl wants to become a Mama's Girl and her own woman, she must be willing to take responsibility in 3 Primary Areas of her life:

  • She needs to learn to receive.She must cease serving men.
  • She must cease chasing men.

Now, taking this kind of responsibility is a learning curve that can take a lifetime to master. Naturally there are times to give, times to serve, and even times to chase. However, a Daddy's Girl does not know how to value herself enough to take appropriate breaks from giving, serving, and chasing. She is compelled to give, serve, and chase. Therefore, the number one lifetime homework for a Daddy's Girl who desires to heal is threefold: learning to receive, releasing herself from serving men, stopping the habit of chasing men.

To learn these things she has to practice them arbitrarily. She has to receive sometimes when everything inside her demands that she give. She has to allow herself to be served rather than serve. She has to turn her thoughts and attention to her own mind and heart rather than chase any man. These things can be practiced with strangers as well as friends and lovers because Daddy's Girls attract Mama's Boys like flies to honey. Most any day will hold more than one opportunity to practice receiving, being served, and refraining from chasing. If a woman's job requires a certain amount of giving, serving, and chasing then she should make every effort outside the job to leave that costume at the door and refuse to wear it outside of work.

On this learning curve ideally a woman will move from feeling great discomfort when being served, for instance, to reminding herself that she is worthy of being served and finding sweet pleasure in the experience. She will move from having to sit on her hands to keep from rescuing a man, whether through serving him or chasing him, and learn to rest comfortably in the knowledge that adult men are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and do not require mother substitutes.

She will learn that valuing and loving herself does not diminish others; but, instead, enriches the lives of those she loves even as her life is enriched by her love and valuing of herself.

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