"In our first meeting Joseph helped me to see the true causes of my problems, the causes that dwelled within me - my relationship to myself. He soon initiated me into the path of self-love, which has drastically altered all the important relationships of my life in such a positive way that I could have never imagined."

- Robert Lee Camp

Introduction to Mama's Boys and Daddy's Girls: The Dance

  • Do you wonder why the things that attracted you in the first place now drive you crazy?
  • Do you worry about a loss of respect and interest in one another?
  • Do you wish you could feel about each other the way you used to?
  • Do you wonder why the passion seems to have abandoned your relationship?
  • Do you worry you may never rekindle the passion between you?
  • Do you wish the two of you could fall in love again?
  • Do you wonder why you keep attracting the same kind of person over and over?
  • Do you worry you may never find a lasting love; never find your soul mate?
  • Do you wish you knew how to make a relationship work?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions you may be a Mama's Boy or a Daddy's Girl. If you are in a relationship and you are a Mama's Boy, chances are your partner is a Daddy's Girl. Likewise, if you are a Daddy's Girl in a relationship, chances are your partner is a Mama's Boy.

In the United States today we have a tremendous number of Mama's Boys and Daddy's Girls living together and trying to love one another. Whether you are in a relationship that has of late been growing frustration instead of passion or whether you are single and desirous that your next relationship be better than what you've experienced in the past, explore our web site and explore the possibility that you could be a Mama's Boy attracting Daddy's Girls or a Daddy's Girl attracting Mama's Boys.

We can help you determine whether or not this is your issue. We can help you as you navigate the choppy waters of owning whether or not you are a Mama's Boy or a Daddy's Girl as well as guide you along the route of creating fulfillment in your relationships.

While Daddy's Girls in our society have it a little easier than Mama's Boys when it comes to that identification, being a Mama's Boy or a Daddy's Girl is nothing to be ashamed of. It is a fact of life for many of us due to systemic reasons beyond our own or even our parents' control. The exciting news is there is freedom from the frustration of going through life blind to the reality of what it means to be a Mama's Boy or Daddy's Girl and how that reality impacts your life.

If you are ready to own your life in a whole new way, maximizing your potential for greater love and satisfaction in your relationships, contact us at or or 828-645-0999.

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