Looking at your Lover as though for the First Time

Looking at your Lover as though for the First Time
On Sunday, Joseph gave a presentation at our church’s semi-annual business meeting because he is the Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee. Once he got up there, I got a neat idea and proceded to implement it!

I watched him as though I didn’t know him very well. I did not try to go back in time to when I knew him, was interested in him, but hadn’t yet fallen in love with him. Though, it was a little like that, I wanted to see him with fresh eyes from the age and maturity I am today. If I’d gone back in time, it wouldn’t have been the same.

Rather, I just looked at him as if I was seeing him almost for the first time that very day. It put me in a space of admiring him! His eyes looked bluer because I was paying attention. I admired his skin coloring, his beard, how his clothes fit. When he answered someone’s question and thereby turned his profile my way, I admired his nose. As he interacted with various people, I enjoyed his personality even more than usual.

It was fun! Being in an admiring space is juicy. It opens the heart and softens the little judgements familiarity brings to a relationship. I highly recommend it and will be trying it again and again myself!

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