"In our first meeting Joseph helped me to see the true causes of my problems, the causes that dwelled within me - my relationship to myself. He soon initiated me into the path of self-love, which has drastically altered all the important relationships of my life in such a positive way that I could have never imagined."

- Robert Lee Camp

You might be a mama's boy, if...

  • You have an ever present sense of inadequacy as a man.
  • You believe you are ineffectual in your role as a husband or as a romantic partner.
  • You believe you are ineffectual in your role as father.
  • You believe you are ineffectual as a provider for your family.
  • You have persistent problems in your relationships at home, at work, and with friends.
  • You are unable to make decisions that benefit others or even yourself.
  • Procrastination, rather than being a means to a creative end, is a real problem at home, work, and in social situations.
  • You experience fear on a daily basis.
  • You spend too much time pushing down feelings of fear.
  • You believe you are depressed or have you been diagnosed as having depression.
  • You can't imagine fulfilling your life's purpose.
  • You feel like a failure on a daily basis.
  • You experience rage and frequent outbursts of anger.
  • You express aggression towards women or children.
  • You bully people to compensate for feelings of inadequacy or failure.
  • You engage in daredevil behavior, taking unnecessary risks.
  • You are promiscuous.
  • You are chauvinistic or patronizing in your behavior or attitude towards women, children, or men you believe to be inferior to you.
  • You are unable to have a friendship with a man or woman because you cannot refrain from being competitive.
  • Your wife or romantic partner "mothers" you.
  • Your wife or romantic partner chronically second guesses your decisions and choices.
  • Your wife or romantic partner feels free to correct you in public in ways that are embarrassing. (ex: are you chastised, made fun of, made wrong, or treated rudely?)
  • If so, you either do not confront your wife or romantic partner concerning this behavior or you do so with passive-aggressive behavior.

Human behavior is obviously very complex and there could be many causes of the above behaviors. However, these items are meant to be self-revelatory, assisting men in locating those behaviors that indicate a man's tie to his mother's sphere of influence and a lack of a foundation in the masculine field.

Please note: No matter how you felt about yourself on these items, rage, violence or abusive behaviors directed at women or children indicate a poor masculine identity. Any evidence of abusive behavior, physical or emotional, requires a man to seek assistance in strengthening his masculine identity.

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