"In our first meeting Joseph helped me to see the true causes of my problems, the causes that dwelled within me - my relationship to myself. He soon initiated me into the path of self-love, which has drastically altered all the important relationships of my life in such a positive way that I could have never imagined."

- Robert Lee Camp

Looking in the Mirror at Your Relationship

Just as all the people, circumstances, and things that show up in your life are a reflection of you; your relationship is a mirror of you, a perfect reflection of who you are choosing to be. In an ideal relationship, rather than the unseen, unconscious dynamics determining who you are, you are the author of who you choose to be, you are the author of the world you choose to create, and you are the author of your relationship.

If your relationship has too much strife, jealousy, burden, guilt, anger, or any other negative feelings or reality in it, you created that. You can make a difference in what you choose to create in your relationship and in all aspects of your life.

It's about clearly understanding the dynamics of the relationship field that surrounds you and your partner

When two individuals come together in a relationship of whatever type (lovers, friendship, family, or business) a field is created. There is you, your partner, and the field the two of you have created. The individuals in the field can feed it love or hate or apathy. You can feed it success or failure or mediocrity. You can feed it support or sabotage or staleness. The state of the relationship will always be a mirror for what you are creating.

The field of the relationship doesn't change as a result of complaining about what's wrong with the relationship or what's wrong with the partner. It doesn't even change when you try to claim that you are the problem in the relationship. The relationship field changes when you can bring love, generosity, and confidence to your relationship.

Similarly to the unseen, unconscious dynamics that drive your own behavior, words, and choices, there are unseen, unconscious dynamics that drive the relationship field that surround you and your partner. At Ideal Relationships, we can help you uncover the unseen and unconscious dynamics that drive your relationships, helping you embrace all aspects of your relationship so that sabotaging it ceases, helping you create the kind of world you want to live in and the kind of relationship you desire.

Embracing all aspects of your relationship

"That which we resist, persists." When we resist our relationship because there are parts of it we can't tolerate, the negativity grows and gets worse. Just as going deeper with ourselves involves acceptance and deep self-love; just as going deeper with our partner involves accepting the partner and deep love and regard for the partner; going deeper in your relationship and taking it to the next level involves acceptance of all that it is and all that it can be. Hanging on to relationship angst won't work. Embracing the relationship and deeply valuing it will work.

At Ideal Relationships we have tools to assist you in embracing your relationship; tools that help you understand how it is a mirror for you and how to make use of that mirror.

If you are ready to own your life in a whole new way, maximizing your potential for greater love and satisfaction in your relationships, contact us at or or 828-645-0999.

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