Love and Relationship Coach and Mentor, Sarah Elizabeth Malinak, M. Div.

Life & Relationship Coaching & Mentoring with Sarah Elizabeth Malinak

Love & Relationship Coaching & Mentoring

Sarah is a relationship wisdom guide, leading you to insight and giving you knowledge that releases you from being a victim of circumstance while freeing you to create love that nurtures and sustains – that heals instead of hurts.

Whether with another, the self, or the Holy, your relationships determine the quality of your life…

So your love, the giving and receiving, it matters…


gratitude-journalFrom study and experience, I believe that growing self-love is where all relationship healing begins. As a result, I work mostly with individuals, rather than couples, helping you remove the blocks that keep you from having the quality relationships you desire. 

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What this means is if you are the only one in the relationship who is ready to work on it, our work together can have a profound influence on your relationship and your life.

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What you can expect from relationship coaching & mentoring:

Sessions typically take place by phone, though we can meet in person if you live in or are visiting Asheville, North Carolina.

freudian-inspirationI begin by inviting you to share with me the relationship issues you face.

Then you and I review your relationship goals.

We then explore whether or not there are disconnects between the issues and your goals. If so, I help you create connection so that goals can be reached.

Next we consider whether or not, unbeknownst to you, these goals require you to manipulate yourself or others to get what you want. If so, we work on how you can reach your goals with integrity and authenticity. Manipulation doesn’t work. Realness, integrity, and authenticity do work.

find-a-good-manThen we make a plan for resolving the issues and achieving your goals.

Sometimes a person leaves the first session of relationship coaching on a roll and that one session is all they need! For others, it takes 2 – 4 sessions to get grounded in creating the changes they want to see.

I am trained in pastoral care and counseling and that is the model I use, walking alongside you as we work together. Inasmuch as this is a coaching and mentoring relationship and is not counseling, it is not a long process.

Email me at to schedule an appointment.

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Here is more information and a testimonial below:

sunset on beach with couple walkingImproving your relationships – any relationship – begins inside of you. The more in touch you are with you and the more integrated and authentic you are with your self, the more you have available to give and receive love.

At Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC, relationship coaching, teaching, and mentoring is grounded in self-love, self-care, and unconditional positive self-regard. That’s a lot of “self,” but our own inner wells of love need to be full before we can extend our love to others in healthy and sustaining ways.

Though the intended result is healthier relationships, we do not offer couples counseling. We work with individuals to help you create the kind of relationships you desire. When you begin to make changes, those changes are reflected in your environment. You can make a positive impact for yourself and with those you love by beginning your relationship work with you, with love, caring, and respect.


“Every significant relationship in my life was with people who refused to be confronted about relationship issues – who couldn’t take responsibility for their side of our problems. The anger they displayed whenever I tried to broach the subject told me I’d never be able to get outside help for us. If I had to wait for them to be ready to work on the relationship, I’d still be waiting.

Getting the chance to work on my own, to confront my relationship issues without having to wait for anyone else, to learn how to take responsibility for my stuff and leave their stuff with them changed my life and my relationships. I am so grateful I didn’t wait for them but chose to show up for me!”

~ Taylor E. Smith

© Copyright 2013 CorbisCorporationSessions with me revolve around your particular relationship needs. At the intersection of your needs and my gifts, you can expect some or all of the following:

* Gain clarity about how and why your relationship (or life) isn’t working.

(Usually there are reasons why your relationship doesn’t work that you can’t access. It makes it hard for you to fix your relationship. But with conversation and using specific tools, I help you decipher those reasons that run deeper than you can access.)

marriage-affair* Discover the negative, self-limiting beliefs unique to you that create relationship or life sabotage.

(These are usually based on the messages you received from parents, teachers, other adult authority figures, and peers when you were growing up. It’s the stuff that challenges love of self and keeps people from building healthy self esteem, thereby making relationship success nearly impossible. We can get at the negative, self-limiting beliefs, bring them to light for healing, and free you up for more love.)

* Find solutions to help you get unstuck so you can experience greater satisfaction in your relationships and in your life.

(There is no such thing as a cookie cutter approach that works for everyone. With me, you are treated like the individual you are with solutions tailored to your distinctive personality and needs.)

1-Couple backs to camera in romantic spot* Receive guidance to help you unlock your relationship and/or life potential.

(The guidance I offer is all about you with you. You don’t have to coerce your partner into joining you for sessions. You won’t have to present them with “homework.” The guidance you will receive will help you create inside yourself what you need so that your relationship gets the chance to show up differently and better.)

* Create more love for you to receive and give.

(The potential for more love resides inside your precious self and you can unlock it, making it available for you and those you love.)

Getting-BackIf you think you’re in a relationship with a mama’s boy or daddy’s girl, or think you are one or the other and desire specific coaching for healing those unique relationship dynamics, I can help you there too.

Joseph and I have written what is currently the definitive book on the unique relationship challenges facing adult mama’s boys and daddy’s girls called Getting Back to Love: When the Pushing and Pulling Threaten to Tear You Apart. This is an area of expertise for me that can benefit you.

If you would like to see what the book is about, it’s title here is linked to its page for your convenience: Getting Back to Love.

Whether in the pages of Getting Back to Love or more personally by phone, email, or in person, I look forward to being with you!

Sessions last no more than an hour and you decide how many you desire as we go along.

Contact me at or call 828-645-0999 and we’ll make arrangements for your first appointment.



P.S. If you’d like to get to know me better on your own time, I have a personal blog and photo gallery at Grace in Light & Shadow. I also have a listing in the Asheville, NC section of Body Mind Spirit Directory.

Statement of Purpose

Relationship Coaching and Mentoring by Sarah Elizabeth Malinak is a service of Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC. This work is based on the philosophy of taking 100% responsibility for one’s own reality. Relationship Coaching, Teaching, and Mentoring, whether in person, on the phone, or via email, is meant for educational purposes only. It is not meant to take the place of doctors, therapists or other health professionals.


Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC Mission Statement:

We believe that everyone deserves to have the best relationships possible! Relationships matter because the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives. With the self, another, or the Holy; relationships ground us, define us, challenge us, and free us.

At Creating Ideal Relationships, LLC we are committed to providing information and services that allow people to develop and nurture as many quality relationships in their lives as they desire.