Differences Between Men and Women & Family Relationships

Differences Between Men and Women:
Joseph &
Elizabeth Malinak
Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with Your Mama’s Boy or Daddy’s Girl!

We have written the definitive book on the romantic challenges facing mama’s boys and daddy’s girls. Tune in today as we discuss what those challenges are, what you can do to make your romance loving and warm again, and how you can help your children have more options than you did for expressing love in their future marriages!
Scott Halzman
Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with Your Husband!

Did you know happily married wives have secrets you can easily learn so you can be happily married too?! It’s true, and Dr. Scott Halzman will share them with you in this broadcast. Tune in to find out about the secrets of happily married wives so you can be one too! (And if you are a man, tune in because these secrets directly benefit you!)
Scott Halzman
Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with Your Wife!

Today Dr. Scott Haltzman shares with us the secrets of happily married men! Did you know that men who are happily married bring the same manly skills they use on the job to their marriages? Or that men can improve their relationships without having to get in touch with their feminine side? Did you know that men can be their manly selves and still make their wives happy and their marriages work? It’s all good news today!;
Dr. Pat
Creating Your Ideal Relationship – without Talking About It!

Dr. Pat Love joins us today to talk about her book, How to Improve Your Marriage without Talking about It. She shares with us the research that proves that men and women process information and their feelings differently. When you know these differences, you can cut frustration, disappointment, and anger easily in half while increasing understanding and the ability to be heard. That’s right! You increase the ability to be heard by not talking about it!
Steve Harvey Creating Your Ideal Relationship – what Men really Think about Women

Today, Joseph and Sarah discuss Steve Harvey’s book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man. In it, Steve reveals the way men think about women. If you are single and dating, you will learn how to tell if a man is playing you or if he suspects you might be “the one,” the lady he desires to build a life and a family with. Single women, women in committed relationships who fear their men may have fallen out of love with them, and wives who need to communicate with their husbands better, will all benefit from tuning in today.
Justice Marshall Creating Your Ideal Relationship – without Counseling, Conflict, or Compromise!

Justice Marshall, our guest today, has discovered a simple, direct, bottom line approach to assist men to own their power in their marriages in order to become leaders making a difference for their families. Justice’s approach is beneficial for women too. He refers to the Hero principle in men and the woman’s natural goddess nature. It is yummy (Sarah’s term) and bottom line focused (Joseph’s term), giving you inspiration and tools that can benefit men and women in today’s world!
Family Relationships:
Sally Shields Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with your Mother-in-Law!

Sally Shields, author of The Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Surefire Ways to Manage (and Make Friends with) Your Mother-in-Law, gives us tips and advice for simply yet effectively turning what can be the most contentious relationship in a woman’s life into a real friendship that benefits the whole family!
Chris Easter Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with your Bride or Groom!

Grooms are half the equation when it comes to the wedding day. Chris Easter, one of the founders of TheManRegistry.com, shares with us how the groom’s involvement can become a masculine rite of passage, benefiting the marriage before they even tie the knot!;
Scott Haltzman
Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with your Family

We talk with Dr. Scott Haltzman about the secrets of happy families. Listen and discover what it means to be family, what it means to be happy, and how you can create contentment for you and yours.
Sheila Saunders Creating Your Ideal Relationship – by including those who have been excluded

Does that sound provocative? The advice in today’s show is more accessible and doable than you may think. It will absolutely change your life and your relationships for the better! Sheila Saunders, Systemic Family Constellation facilitator, joins us.

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