Anna Venice &
Amara Charles

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with Your Sexuality (especially for Women)!

Our guests today, Anna Venice and Amara Charles, offer workshops on sexual wellness and women’s health issues. They believe that living long and healthy lives means having more sex! They ask, “What’s the point of living so long if it can’t be juicy?”

Dan and Jennifer

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with Your Questions about Sex!

Sex is still a taboo subject for many. There are questions out there that need answers and today we interview two people who have the courage to answer any question put to them about sex and romantic relationships. They are Dan and Jennifer, the creators of They share with us their passion for helping people question everything – especially the restrictions people put on themselves out of ignorance and fear.

Judith Sills’ 

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – when You are Single Again!

The title of Dr. Judith Sills’ book says it all about our show today: Getting Naked Again: Dating, Romance, Sex, and Love When You’ve Been Divorced, Widowed, Dumped, or Distracted! This is not your daughter’s dating guide and our conversation with Dr. Sills is not for your daughter’s ears.

Dr. Kevin Leman

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – by Turning Up the Sexual Heat!

Today we talk about sex with psychologist, humorist, and radio and television personality, Dr. Kevin Leman, about sex within marriage. A lot of married people have a lot of questions about sexuality and their sexual lives that they do not want to discuss with their pastors, priests, rabbis, or best friends. Counseling thousands of people, Dr. Leman discovered that a book on sex was required that addressed the needs of married people.

Susan Kuchinskas

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – by Attending to a Chemical in your Brain!

There is a little known chemical in men and women that is responsible for our ability to bond to others. Called “the cuddle chemical,” its proper name is oxytocin. It is released every time a person experiences orgasm but it is also responsible for any social interaction that causes us to bond with others. Our guest, Susan Kuchinskas, shares with us why we have the stereotype that women like to cuddle while men like sex! Discover how we are hard wired for love, commitment, and connection as well as what you can do about it if creating a meaningful relationship is challenging for you or someone you love.

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