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Robert Lee Camp

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with Your Romantic Destiny!

Today we interview Robert Lee Camp, creator and author of Cards of Your Destiny and Love Cards. Robert knows how to use astrology and a common deck of playing cards to give you information about yourself and those you love that make a difference in the quality of love and understanding in your life. Tune in today to learn more about how the personality traits unique to a person’s birthday affect his or her romantic relationships!

Robin Mastro

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – By Changing Your Environment!

Today we talk with Robin Mastro, author of Making Room for Mr. Right: How to Attract the Love of Your Life. Using the ancient science of Vastu, the great-great grandfather of Feng Shui, she helps you create the love of your life whether you are single and desiring to attract him or her, or married and wanting to make your love grow even deeper.

Arielle Ford

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – by using the Law of Attraction

Whether single or in a committed relationship, you can create love at any age when you become a magnet for love! Today’s guest, Arielle Ford, reveals how to use the Law of Attraction to become a magnet for as much love as you can handle.


Creating Your Ideal Relationship – using Abundance 

Did you know that what you think, say, and do attracts everything and everyone that shows up in your life? Listen as Elisabeth Fayt shares Law of Attraction secrets that will assist you in all your relationships!

Jackie Kendall

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with forgiveness

Healthy relationships and forgiveness go hand in hand. But what does it mean to forgive or to hold a grudge? How do we let go of the things that have hurt us so badly? In our conversation with Jackie Kendall, author and minister, we answer these questions and more today!

Susan Page

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – with the Support of Spirituality

Joseph and Sarah reveal the benefits spirituality brings to romance, complemented by a conversation with Susan Page, author of Talking is Not Enough.


Creating Your Ideal Relationship – by Diving into the Deep End!

Joseph and Sarah lead the way into the ocean of taking 100% responsibility for your relationship and how it is the most powerful place from which to live. Guest Bettie Spruill takes us deeper than even we’ve gone thus far! Join us so you can too!

Matthew &

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – by Creating a Sacred Space

Matthew and Terces Engelhart, experts at creating spiritual community in the work place, share their secrets for how taking responsibility creates more and better love in any relationship!

Nash Mourad  

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – without your ego!

With so much attention on the egoless state these days, we’ve wondered what that means for romantic relationships. Today we discuss it between ourselves and with Nash Mourad, author of How to be Right about Everything – it’s a provocative hour!

Dr. Jill Murray

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – What to do if your Relationship is Abusive

Abuse of teenage girls by their boyfriends is on the rise. One of the ways abusive teenage boys mistreat their girlfriends is by texting them at all hours of the night. Abusive relationships are occurring among young women who have healthy self-esteem! Signs of abuse in teenage and twenty-something romantic relationships is similar to that found among older populations. Too much crying, chronic lost sleep, depression, and isolation are typical of toxic relationships. Today we talk with Dr. Jill Murray, a domestic violence expert to address this important issue

Marie Forleo

Creating Your Ideal Relationship – by Being Irresistible!

Marie Forleo’s book title almost says everything there needs to be said about why you should listen to this show. It’s Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible You’ll Barely Keep from Dating Yourself! Find out how being irresistible to those you wish to attract has nothing to do with manipulation and everything to do with authenticity and other habits that build love even as it builds your attraction.

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