Respect: the Language of Love Men Hear Best

Respect: the Language of Love Men Hear Best
Telling a man you respect him tells him you love him in a way he can hear all the way down to his toes! In fact, it has been scientifically proven that men experience your love best when you express respect for them.

In my experience, one of the most challenging ways of communicating respect is to actually, verbally say, “Honey, I respect you for…” Or, “When you did that, I felt such respect for you well up inside me!”

Having known about the importance of showing my husband respect, I have always incorporated it into my marriage. But the first time I made up my mind to verbally state it, I got tongue-tied! I worried that if I said, “I respect you for…” he would think that maybe this was something new for me and that I hadn’t respected him before this!

It reminded me of the times a friend has lost weight and I did not know whether or not to say something for fear that what they would hear would be, “You used to be fat!” The first time I lost a significant amount of weight I figured out really fast how GREAT it is to hear, “Have you lost weight?”

And so, I got my tongue untied, told him I respected him, and low and behold, it meant a whole lot to him. It made him self-conscious in that sweet way that lets you know the other person really heard how much you love and appreciate him. It was GREAT! So, I highly recommend it.

For the sake of fair play; gentlemen, in the same way respect communicates her love for you, when you cherish her and appreciate her feelings, this communicates to her how much you love and respect her. I highly recommend this too!

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