Spring Clean your Relationship

I’m procrastinating getting some items on Ebay by writing this blog entry.  We’ve been spring cleaning around here and one of my options for lessening the amount of stuff around the house is to sell it on Ebay.  The selling part can be fun but loading up all the information on the site is tedious.  So, a friend at twitter got me to thinking about spring cleaning a relationship and what that might entail…and might such a blog entry have real substance to it?  I think so.  So here goes.

For the sake of comparison, what happens when a person spring cleans?  Hidden dust and cobwebs get cleaned out.  Floors get cleaned underneath the furniture as well as around it!  Furniture gets moved, removed, or added.  Clothes that haven’t been worn in awhile are given away.  Windows are washed.  The yard is cleared of winter debris and prepared for planting new flowers and bushes and trees.  Driveways and sidewalks are swept clean.  In the “old days” some families even had seasonal curtains and bed spreads – pretty much making the whole house over spring, summer, fall, and winter!

That’s a lot of responsibility to take.  It’s a responsibility that not all households have the time or energy for.  We don’t blame other people for the fact that spring cleaning needs to happen.  We may resent the necessity for it but once we make up our minds to do it, we just jump in and get it done.

I think the same thing is true of relationships.  They can get sort of grimy with things like taking each other for granted, forgetting to appreciate the mystery of each other, allowing others to disrespect our spouse or partner, not putting the time in to the relationship to nurture it, etc.  The best way to clean those things up is to refrain from blaming anyone for the need of it, getting over any resentment that the relationship needs tending, then jumping in and getting it done!

So how do you spring clean your relationship?  Look around and determine ways you can show how much you value the relationship – how much you value your spouse (or partner, or best friend, or boss, or child).  Slow down, pay attention, and rediscover the mystery in the other person.  The next time someone outside the relationship disrespects it or either of you, get in their face and make them stop it!  Look for areas that are crying out for nurture and use your creative imagination to figure out the best kind of nurture to provide…and then provide it!

Spring cleaning your relationship can renew its vitality, returning it to one of the number one things in your life that sustain and nurture you.

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