Getting Back to Love: When the Pushing and Pulling Threaten to Tear You Apart


Mama’s boys & daddy’s girls, from teenagers to adults, face unique challenges when it comes to love…

Getting Back to Love gives you the tools necessary to heal the relationship dysfunction unique to mama’s boys and daddy’s girls so that you have more options for bigger and better love!


“Falling in love is easy. It’s the staying in love that is the challenge!”


Daddy’s girls and mama’s boys know this reality better than anyone. The problem is there hasn’t been a relationship help or advice book written that addresses their distinctive romantic challenges…until now!

Getting Back to Love explores the dynamics unique to mama’s boys and daddy’s girls, offering solid advice for how to rise above the challenges that threaten to tear you apart, so that you may restore and reignite the kind of love and passion that will serve you for a lifetime.

Mama’s boys come in a wider variety than just the stereotypical man-tied-to-his-mother’s-apron-strings. When a man, either by hurting or pleasing his woman, tries to control her, he is a mama’s boy who believes he gets his power from the women in his life.

Daddy’s girls also come in a wider variety than just the stereotypical daddy’s-little-princess. When a woman, either by serving or dominating her man, tries to take care of him, she is a daddy’s girl who believes she will find fulfillment by taking care of the men in her life.

Finally, there is a relationship help/advice book that can make all the difference for your marriage, creating more options for greater love within it so that you restore and reignite the kind of love and passion that will serve you for a lifetime.

Getting Back to Love, if you are single, can also make all the difference for your dating life. Like never before, you can spot the men or women who have spelled bad news in the past, discovering those with whom a real relationship is possible.

It can even make a difference for your children so that they grow up to become adults with more options for greater love in their lives.

What readers are saying about Getting Back to Love:

Understanding that I am a mama’s boy has helped me out tremendously. I really do believe that this info was the missing piece of the puzzle for me. With all of the info that I have studied all my life and I have studied a lot, I just couldn’t put it all together. Now I understand so much more. I have so much more hope for myself and others. I thank you and Joseph for loving yourselves and each other enough to write such a wonderful book. — Kevin C.

I had to share how shocked I was to find out that I was a Daddy’s girl, even though I had grown up without a Father figure most of my life. This book has helped me confront my own self destructive patterns as a single woman always attracting the Mommy Boy; I FINALLY understand why, thanks to the honest and detailed descriptions in this book. Thank you Joseph and Sarah Elizabeth for sharing the TRUTH!  –Diana

As you are aware, your book has been a real blessing to me…My daughter and her best friend came to visit me for about five days around my birthday. During that time, I handed your book to my daughter and told her something like, “I want you to read this. I think you will benefit greatly from it.”

Surprisingly enough, she actually started reading it. And what was really gratifying was, about every 5 – 10 minutes, she would say, “Listen to this” and read me a passage. It was as much an eye-opener for her as it was for me. Never in my life have I had anyone respond so enthusiastically to a book I had recommended. Truly gratifying! Thought you’d like knowing your work is making a difference in people’s lives. — LMS

A very insightful and helpful book examining an unbelievably common relationship pattern in today’s world; The Mamma’s Boy/Daddy’s Girl phenomenon. Written with a rare intimacy, this book cuts a huge subject down to its fundamentals- to the root of many of the difficulties we all face in our relationships. The book offers us an understanding of the unconscious forces that drive us, and with that understanding allows us the opportunity to take responsibility for our actions so that we are free to create the ideal relationships that our hearts truly desire.  — Nicholas Zorro Iway

The title really caught my attention. It describes my marital relationship perfectly. The book was a joy to read, especially the last chapter titled, “Making a Difference”. On almost every page in that chapter I highlighted a sentence or two. Thank you both for such an insightful book.  — KKS

On second reading I discovered that this book is not just for Mama’s Boys and Daddy’s Girls, but has wisdom and insight to offer anyone in a serious relationship or hoping for one. I found the authors’ depth of understanding of Bert Hellinger’s work addressing relationship with self-acceptance, healing and self love to be another invaluable aspect of this book. I think it is an excellent guide to bringing love and understanding into any relationship and into one’s own life.  — RC Mulligan

What experts in the field of relationships and breakthroughs say about Getting Back to Love:

Joseph and Sarah’s work has changed my life in the most profound way possible. Getting Back to Love reveals the heart of the work they do and allows anyone to benefit from this unique perspective on personal relationships that opens up new possibilities for all of us struggling with having the relationship of our dreams. Robert Camp, Author, Love Cards and Cards of Your Destiny

Getting Back to Love provides unique insight into the fundamental challenges most people face in their relationships today.   This book also offers a program to experience more love, passion, and satisfaction with your partner! Marci Shimoff, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Featured Teacher in The Secret

In Getting Back to Love, Sarah and Joseph have created a magnificent invitation to re-create the dance of your relationship. Following their insightfulness, wisdom and practical guidance, you will be awakened to a deeper understanding of your relationship, then moved to take empowered responsibility in re-creating it according to your inspired desires, and finally able to enjoy your new creation as never before. I highly recommend this exceptional book as a potentially life-changing experience. — Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Transformational leader who invites you to experience yourself as the Ultimate Human

Order Getting Back to Love: When the Pushing and Pulling Threaten to Tear You Apart from this site, and receive 2 free gifts:

When you order today, you not only get a signed copy of the book, you will receive two instructional videos , available online that will assist you in creating better, deeper, richer love for yourself.

Whether you are married, in a relationship, or single and looking forward to falling in love again, these videos will give you immediate access to some of what you will find in the book that can make such a tremendous difference in your love life.

The first video is “Mama’s Boys & Daddy’s Girls: the Dance.” At half an hour long, when you watch it, you are able to see, even experience, how you came to be either a mama’s boy or a daddy’s girl. While viewing it, you will be able to observe, even experience, the love that drove you to become either a mama’s boy or a daddy’s girl.

After you watch it, you can go forward with compassion for yourself and your partner to make new choices for how to relate to and love one another.

The second video is “Creating an Ideal Relationship.” It shows you how you can take charge of the quality of your relationships. It shows you how it is in your power to create your ideal relationship.

At a combined value of $49.90, they are yours FREE when you order Getting Back to Love today!

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